Is You Is Launch at Pizza Express!


We have some very exciting news! We are releasing our EP Is You Is? on the 10th April! These are exciting times for us, and to make it even more exciting, we will be celebrating the release by throwing our launch party at Jazz @Pizza Express in Soho, London! We will have a limited number of CDs available to buy on the night, so come down, enjoy your favourite pizza and a glass of wine and celebrate with us!


Really looking forward to seeing you there,

Stac, Heather and Ruby


Jazz Club Soho @ Pizza Express

Everybody loves a Jingle!

Hey guys!

We’d like to ask you a little question.

Since Uncle Sir Terry Wogan used our little jingle on his Radio 2 show Weekend Wogan, and BBC1 asked us to do another for his appearance on The One Show, we thought we would try our hand at another jingle for Colgate! What do you think? Do you think we could make a name for ourselves as Jingleistas? Jingle is massive!

Let us know what you think!

The Sugar Sisters

Pizza Express Jazz Club 24th March

Hello again ladies and gentlemen!

We’ve got 3 weeks to go until our show at Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho! We are very excited about it so we wanted to share with you a little stripped back taster of what to expect. We very much hope that you can join us as we have new material that we think you will like, a song that we have just this very second finished writing, and a special guest. You can’t miss it! You really can’t! What will you tell your children?!

So here it is, our little recording of one of our favourite songs ‘Straighten Up and Fly Right’. Hope you enjoy…

Oh yes! And if you would like to buy tickets, which we would highly recommend as it’s going to be our best show yet and tickets are limited to 100, you can purchase them here!

Much love,

Stac, Ruby and Heather xxx

Happy New Year! (Kinda)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and erm, happy new year!

We know it’s February but we’ve not been in touch so we wanted to wish you the very best 11 months left of 2015. We think it’s going to be a good year.

We also wanted to tell you about a couple of extremely exciting dates we have in our diaries.Dough balls

On the 24th March we are playing Jazz at Pizza Express on Dean Street, Soho. It will be an all singing, all dancing stonker of a gig with our wonderful band, so please, if you like pizza (does anyone know anyone that doesn’t like pizza?!) and our music, you simply must come dharlinc! Here is where you can buy tickets! Buy tickets!

Ok, what’s next? Oh yes! We have been invited to play at this year’s Cheltenham Jazz Festival on 2nd May and we are all very excited about this indeed. Can’t sit still kind of excited.


Our friend Jamie Cullum (well, he’s not a friend yet, but we did meet him when we played on Weekend Wogan and he was a very lovely man) is the guest Musical Director of the festival this year so you know it’s set to be a goodun.

Have a little look at who else is playing here and nab your tickets because its always amazing and you will love it.

Anyway, must dash but hope to see some friendly faces soon!

Stac, Ruby and Heather


*16th December 2014* The Sugar Sisters – ‘My Guy Santa’ single launch

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Hope you are all well and life has been treating you kindly!

We’ve been a bit quiet of late because, like santa’s little elves we’ve been busy preparing for Christmas. We have been working on a christmas ditty since August and we simply could not wait any longer to tell you about it. It’s been an agonising wait!

We have written our first song together and it’s a Christmas song! More specifically it’s a song about three ladies who find that their new love interests share a little more in common than perhaps they would have wished. Naughty Santa!

Have a little listen, we hope you like it!

My Guy Santa is out on the 24th November via all good download stores and we will be celebrating it’s release on the 16th December by throwing a launch party at The Old Church in Stoke Newington! We would love for you to come. Here is the ticket link 

Much love,

Stac, Heather and Ruby

The Sugar Sisters


Our debut performance with a big band!

spiegel tent

As you may have noticed recently, we have been excited to be performing with a full band. We are rather delighted to go one step further by performing with the wonderful big band ‘The London Dance Orchestra’ on September the 11th.  It’s set to be a night to remember, featuring many great acts and compared by our favourite ukulele diva, Miss Tricity Vogue.

We would love to see you there! 😉

Tickets are limited- so book yours soon here:

Sugar Sister Promo Video

Happy summer everyone. Just in case you have missed any of our gigs or videos recently, we thought we would put it all together for you in the form of our brand new promo video…. It’s the least we could do! 😉 Enjoy xxx

Our Brand New Video

Hey folks,

You may have noticed recently that we have been a bit excited about playing gigs. This is because we have acquired 3 devilishly handsome gentlemen, who just so happen to play piano, drums and double bass, very well.

If you haven’t managed to make our last two gigs, we thought it might be nice for you to see what our new live outfit looks like. We think it looks good! And sounds even better!

Here is our band version of Is You Is, Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?.

Hope you enjoy,

Love The Sugar Sisters x

Our headline gig with our full live band on March the 5th. We’re excited!



Just in case you haven’t heard, we have our very exciting headline show coming up on March the 5th.. The lovely folks at the legendary jazz venue, Pizza Express Dean St, have invited us to come and play with our full band.. We will also be having a support slot by the wonderful and hansom Franky and the Jacks. We can’t wait and we hope to see you there!

Tickets are limited, so please book early.

Book Tickets