Happy New Year! (Kinda)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and erm, happy new year!

We know it’s February but we’ve not been in touch so we wanted to wish you the very best 11 months left of 2015. We think it’s going to be a good year.

We also wanted to tell you about a couple of extremely exciting dates we have in our diaries.Dough balls

On the 24th March we are playing Jazz at Pizza Express on Dean Street, Soho. It will be an all singing, all dancing stonker of a gig with our wonderful band, so please, if you like pizza (does anyone know anyone that doesn’t like pizza?!) and our music, you simply must come dharlinc! Here is where you can buy tickets! Buy tickets!

Ok, what’s next? Oh yes! We have been invited to play at this year’s Cheltenham Jazz Festival on 2nd May and we are all very excited about this indeed. Can’t sit still kind of excited.


Our friend Jamie Cullum (well, he’s not a friend yet, but we did meet him when we played on Weekend Wogan and he was a very lovely man) is the guest Musical Director of the festival this year so you know it’s set to be a goodun.

Have a little look at who else is playing here and nab your tickets because its always amazing and you will love it.

Anyway, must dash but hope to see some friendly faces soon!

Stac, Ruby and Heather